Graphic Design

#1 — Children’s Museum of Dallas– Copyright 2009   Robert Werkmeister

Collection of branding objects created for a touring exhibit concept called “The Human Body Exhibit”.  The exhibit was for childgren to get a better understanding of the human body, and included many teaching lessons to be sent home with teachers who visited the site.


#2 — Werk of Art – Copyright 2013   Robert Werkmeister

Current branding package I use for clients and interviews, including everything from cover letters to storyboards to portfolios.  I wanted a heavier weighted logo and design without being too distracting from the main purpose of each page, which was specifically designed and formatted for each use.


#3 — Werkmeister – Copyright 2011  Robert Werkmeister

Primary branding package for myself after graduate school to provide a clean and simple design for starting into the workplace.  I wanted a simple and uncluttered design to build off of in the future as I had time..


#4 — Allegro  Consulting + Design – Copyright 2012  Robert Werkmeister

Branding mockup for Allegro Consulting and Design a b2b company handling business and staffing solutions for a modern workplace.

Tools Used: Photoshop, Illustrator, Maya,  Graphite