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Cerebellum was a program created to explain one chapter of the neuroscience syllabus for UT Southwestern Medical Center.  The program centered around the educational philosophy of enduring understanding (Not dissimilar from the fundamentals of user interface).  The projects intent was to increase students retetion of the information within the course while decreasing their cognitive load and burden (as the class was included in a rather intense semester known as “blocktober”).   As an expansion the program could then be included as a refresher program within their second, and fourth years as well as residency.  This project was one part of 23 sections creating a much larger project to be completed over a five year period post graduate study.


Interactive Storyboards Thesis

All Images Copyright 2013 Robert Werkmeister

Tools Used: Photoshop, Illustrator, Maya, Zbrush, ArtRage, Premier Pro, After Effects, Ink, Graphite